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What options can I add to my folders?

23 March 2017

Spot UV Varnish
A spot UV varnish is an ultra high gloss finish that can be applied over a matt or soft-touch laminate to highlight specific areas of a page such as photos, titles or blocks of colour. It can also look particularly effective when used to print a glossy logo over a flat colour, so it only shows by catching the light.

Business Card Slots
Card slots are four diagonal slits that can be added to most of our folders on the inner flap, allowing you to present a removable business card with your folder. Please check the product page for your chosen folder to ensure this option is available before ordering, as there are some folders in our range where adding business card slots is not practical.

CD Mountings
CD Foam Spots – High density, non-deforming, foam dots to securely hold a CD in place. Available in white or black. This is the most economical option.
CD Spiders – The traditional CD case centre fastening to provide a long-lasting and secure method of holding a CD. Available in white, black or clear. This is a durable and secure option, they are hard-wearing and robust.

Hook & Loop Velcro Dots – A practical addition to hold your folder closed; particularly useful on larger capacity folders.
Magnetic Discs – Small (9.5mm diameter, 0.75mm thick) chrome finished magnetic discs with a strong magnetic bond, fixed to the closing edge, providing an elegant and secure fastening for your folders.

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