Business Card Offer Terms

Terms and Conditions

Orders for business cards using the Folder King 75% OFF promotional voucher code are accepted on the following conditions:

  1. The Folder King 75% OFF promotional business card discount voucher code is only available for online purchases.
  2. Discount will only be processed when applied to business cards purchased alongside qualifying folder products at point of checkout in the same transaction. Business card orders must be selected and added to the shopping basket prior to checkout. The 75% OFF voucher code can be applied prior to payment for a folder purchase. This promotional offer cannot be applied retrospectively to any order once checkout is complete.
  3. The Folder King 75% OFF promotional business card discount voucher code can be applied to any quantity of business cards and multiple business card orders when added to your basket alongside any qualifying folder products.
  4. One artwork only may be uploaded per business card order. If more than one design or names are required, separate orders must be placed for each variation.
  5. The Folder King 75% OFF promotional discount voucher code applies to business cards only, and cannot be applied to any other product, service or delivery charges in your basket, including the Folder King Design Service.
  6. Business cards added to your folder order will be printed on the same card stock as your folder order and will be delivered within the same packaging to the same address. No alternative weights, colour or finishes of card stock are available as part of this offer.
  7. Orders for business cards without a qualifying folder product purchase within the same transaction do not qualify under the terms of this promotion and will be processed at full price.
  8. This Folder King 75% OFF discount business card promotional offer cannot be applied to previous orders, even if qualifying products were purchased.
  9. Even if a discount is applied at checkout, all orders are reviewed by the Folder King Customer Support team prior to fulfillment. If orders are deemed in violation of any of these Terms and Conditions, they will be adjusted accordingly.
  10. Folder King reserves the right, without further notice, to modify the terms and conditions of this promotional offer, or to suspend, cancel or amend the promotional offer in whole or in part.
  11. The Folder King 75% OFF promotional business card discount voucher code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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