How do I place an order?

Ordering and configuring your presentation folders is easy and straight forward.

  1. Firstly, choose the size and style of the folder you would like. We offer a choice of A4, A5 and custom sizes, with glued, loose-leaf and interlocking options for you to choose from.
  2. Secondly select the shape – you’re spoilt for choice! Our website gives you the widest range of a capacities, pocket options, shapes and styles available, making it easy to choose just the right folder for your needs.
  3. Choosing the perfect folder shape is just the beginning. Once you’re on the product page, select from a range of card stocks,  add options such as lamination, spot UV varnish, fasteners and CD mountings. No matter which shape you decide on, your folders will be uniquely yours!  
  4. Next select your quantity, turnaround time and delivery method, entering your shipping instructions. We offer a standard turnaround delivery service, or you can select express turnaround if you need them fast.
  5. Then simply enter your payment details and your order is placed. A confirmation email will be sent to you once your transaction is complete!
  6. Finally you will be directed to a page to upload your artwork to us. We’ll send you back a proof and our artwork team will be in touch if there are any problems before we go to print.
  7. You’re done! Relax and wait for your finished printed folders!

How do I send you my Artwork?

Once your order is complete you will be directed to a page where you can attach the artwork for your folder, or other products you have ordered. Follow our easy instructions and you’ll have no problem uploading your artwork.

We prefer print quality PDF files – please include the reference number from your confirmation email in the file name of any files you send us. The file limit for this service is 200MB per file upload – you can use the process more than once if your files are large, as long as no one file exceeds the limit.

What if my file is too large to upload?

Over the 200MB limit on our site? No problem. Just use a file transfer service such as www.WeTransfer.com – it’s free and will allow you to transfer up to 2 GB to us at one time! Simply upload the files to the site and add in our email address: artwork@folderking.co.uk. We’ll get sent a link to download your artwork straight away. 

How do I set up artwork for my folder?

All of our product pages have a tab called ‘Artwork Guidelines’ next to the product description. From here you will be able to download the helpful guide sheet, specific to the folder you’ve selected. This document is set up to the exact flat size of your chosen folder and contains templates for both the inner and outer, so you can set up your design to fit exactly.  Please provide a minimum of 3mm bleed beyond the outline of the folder on all outer edges. For further information, please refer to our Artwork Guide.

What happens once I’ve sent my artwork to you?

Once you have uploaded your artwork as part of your order, our studio team till check your files before we print. If we find anything wrong in terms of quality, position, size, missing fonts etc., we will always contact you to advise on the best way for you to sort out any issues. If you can’t, we will offer a solution. (Unfortunately we don’t proof-read artwork for spelling, grammatical errors, validity of dates, emails or web addresses).

Our pre-press system generates a proof which simulates exactly what will be sent to our presses. We will email this PDF proof to you for your approval. Once you have checked that the proof is correct, you will need to confirm to us by email that you have approved your proof for print.

Standard or Express Delivery dates selected by you at point of ordering will commence only when you have signed off your proof in writing by email. Unfortunately we cannot accept approval of your proof by phone.

My artwork isn’t ready. Can I upload later?

Yes of course, no problem. When you log into our site, you will arrive at your account details by default. All your orders are listed under the ‘My Orders’ section. Click the ‘View’ link next to the order and you will see the upload panel at the bottom of the page, so you can come back and upload your artwork files whenever you’re ready.

What type of file formats do you accept?

Adobe Acrobat PDF format files are our preferred choice. PDFs must be press-optimised (print ready) with 3mm bleed, crop marks, and fonts embedded.
Quark Xpress or Adobe InDesign files are acceptable if ‘collected for output’ (Quark Xpress) or ‘packaged’ (Adobe InDesign) so that all the files and fonts are included. Pages must be set up to the correct size with bleed.
Adobe Illustrator files are acceptable, saved in EPS format. Bleed and crop marks must be included and all fonts converted to outlines.
Photoshop or similar files should be supplied as 300dpi CMYK, TIF files with LZW compression turned off. Highest quality JPG is acceptable, bleed and crop marks must be included.
Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files are acceptable, but ideally should be converted to PDF format.

PDF files
When creating PDF files please note that books or booklets over four pages must not be supplied as spreads – always create a PDF containing individual pages. This does not affect your original Quark or InDesign files which may have been set up as spreads.
If your artwork requires bleed (i.e. if the design extends off the edge of the page) you must allow 3mm bleed. It is advised that colour areas also bleed onto tabs where appropriate, to avoid white edges when folded in. We recommend that any text is kept at least 8mm away from the edge of the page.
Photographic images should be supplied as 300dpi CMYK.
For lithographic print, images must be supplied in Pantone Spot Colours or CMYK.
For digital print (short run folders), ideally images should be supplied in CMYK format.

Can Folder King create artwork for me?

Yes, we offer a full design service for any of our products if you don’t have artwork. Folder King has a highly qualified design team with years of experience in print, who can create unique custom artwork for your project. Contact our Design Team via our contact page to discuss your requirements with our team.

Will you check the files I upload before printing it?

Yes, our design team will check over your artwork to ensure it’s set up correctly for your chosen product. If we find anything wrong in terms of quality, position, size, missing fonts etc., we will always contact you and advise on how to sort it. If you can’t, we will offer a solution. Unfortunately, we don’t check for spelling and grammar or errors in dates, website details or email addresses, so please ensure you proof-read everything thoroughly before submitting your final artwork to us.

How do I use your free online templates?

Our design team have been busy putting together a great range of striking designs for you to use completely free of charge. The folders listed in the ‘choose a design‘ link  have this feature available – check back often, we’re adding more all the time.  Click on a product to see all the available templates, then edit your chosen design right here in your web browser using our intuitive online tools. When you’re happy with your design, proceed to checkout, where you can decide your quantity, delivery options and add finishes such as lamination, spot UV varnish and business card slots.

I’m a business customer. Can you deliver in plain packaging?

We send out every B2B order in discreet unbranded white label plain boxes as standard. The plain packaging will contain no marketing, invoices, labelling or branding from us, meaning we can arrange to deliver your print order directly to your client as though you had produced the product yourself. If required, we are able to send a specified number of samples to a second address for your reference and records.

Alternatively, we can send the delivery to you for you to brand with your own logo and labelling, and can offer bundling into quantities of your choice as an extra option for your convenience when unpacking your order.

What are the Folder King opening hours?

We are open Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm, except on public holidays.

What if I only need a small number of folders?

No problem. Our glued pocket, digitally produced short-run printed presentation folders are ideal when only a small quantity is required, whilst still maintaining a high quality finish on thick card stock, fully customisable with lamination, fasteners and CD mountings if required. Quantities start at as few as five. Check out our ‘Short Run Folders’ link in the ‘All Products’ menu to see which products are available.

What is the difference between the lamination options you offer?

Lamination is a thin plastic film bonded to the face of your printed folder, enhancing its finish and durability. In addition, if you are running a solid colour across a fold line on your folder, adding a laminate should be an important consideration, as this will prevent the risk of cracking that can occur, particularly on heavier stocks.

Gloss Laminate
Gloss laminate is visually stunning.  It produces deeper, cleaner, crisper lines and colours, and gives vibrancy to photos and block colours. The glossy, reflective finish grabs attention and implies a richer product. Gloss laminate is durable as it repels dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Even when it does come into contact with a dirty surface, it is easily wiped clean, significantly extending the life of your folders.
Some considerations to make when choosing gloss lamination: scuffs, scratches, and indents can be more visible with gloss covers – by nature of the glossy reflective finish, any imperfections catch the light, becoming more noticeable.

Matt Laminate
Matt Laminate is often perceived as a more professional and elegant finish. The velvety texture of the finish makes for a pleasant tactile experience. The matt soft finish is less reflective than gloss, giving a more natural look to cover art.  A less shiny folder absorbs more small scratches and scuffs without looking tatty.
Some considerations to make when choosing matt lamination: The less reflective finish of matt lamination can lessen the intensity of cover colour, with a lower contrast on darker colours, resulting in a more muted palette and an overall softer look.  While scratches and scuffs are more readily absorbed by matte lamination, this finish can be more susceptible to stains and spills.

Soft Touch Laminate
Sometimes called a ‘soft-feel’ or ‘velvet’ finish, the use of soft-touch finishes is growing in popularity…particularly for book covers, presentation folders, and business cards where distinctive qualities are important. Unlike most design elements which appeal to the sense of sight, a soft touch finish stimulates the sense of touch, adding an unexpected interaction with the printed piece.
Many people describe soft-touch laminate as feeling like short-napped velvet, smooth suede, or soft chamois leather. Regardless of how you describe it, a soft-touch finish definitely gets noticed and almost always elicits an inquisitive response to its unique and unexpected feel.

What options can I add to my folders?

Spot UV Varnish
A spot UV varnish is an ultra high gloss finish that can be applied over a matt or soft-touch laminate to highlight specific areas of a page such as photos, titles or blocks of colour. It can also look particularly effective when used to print a glossy logo over a flat colour, so it only shows by catching the light.

Business Card Slots
Card slots are four diagonal slits that can be added to most of our folders on the inner flap, allowing you to present a removable business card with your folder. Please check the product page for your chosen folder to ensure this option is available before ordering, as there are some folders in our range where adding business card slots is not practical.

CD Mountings
CD Foam Spots – High density, non-deforming, foam dots to securely hold a CD in place. Available in white or black. This is the most economical option.
CD Spiders – The traditional CD case centre fastening to provide a long-lasting and secure method of holding a CD. Available in white, black or clear. This is a durable and secure option, they are hard-wearing and robust.

Hook & Loop Velcro Dots – A practical addition to hold your folder closed; particularly useful on larger capacity folders.
Magnetic Discs – Small (9.5mm diameter, 0.75mm thick) chrome finished magnetic discs with a strong magnetic bond, fixed to the closing edge, providing an elegant and secure fastening for your folders.

When can I expect my order?

This depends on the delivery option selected. The first day of your chosen delivery option commences on the working day error-free print-ready artwork files are received by us, provided it is received before 9.30am on that working day. If received after 9.30am, then the first working day will commence the following working day. Unfortunately, delivery cannot be guaranteed if the artwork supplied to us requires correction.

Standard Turnaround
We aim to deliver your order as quickly as possible. Orders placed under our Standard Delivery option will be delivered within a maximum of 5-7 working days from us receiving your error-free artwork and in many cases will be delivered sooner. This is a guide only and is not subject to any warranty or condition. Goods are usually dispatched either by parcel or pallet carrier depending on the size of the order and will require signing for at the time of delivery.

Express Turnaround
Express turnaround and delivery is available on all orders at an additional cost of 25% on the price of your order and can be added when configuring your product options. You can expect to receive your order within 3-5 working days from when your order is placed and your error-free artwork is received by us.

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