B2B Customers

White Label Packaging

At Folder King, we specialise in B2B printing and understand the necessity of confidentiality. We send out every B2B order in discreet unbranded white label plain boxes as standard. The plain packaging will contain no marketing, invoices, labelling or branding from us, meaning we can arrange to deliver your print order directly to your client as though you had produced the product yourself. If required, we are able to send a specified number of samples to a second address for your reference and records.

Alternatively, we can send the delivery to you for you to brand with your own logo and labelling, and can offer bundling into quantities of your choice as an extra option for your convenience when unpacking your order.

For full discretion your invoice and all other order details such as proof of delivery will be sent to you via email.

Choose express delivery in your product options and get your folders in just 3-5 working days!

Get them fast!