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What is the difference between the lamination options you offer?

23 March 2017

Lamination is a thin plastic film bonded to the face of your printed folder, enhancing its finish and durability. In addition, if you are running a solid colour across a fold line on your folder, adding a laminate should be an important consideration, as this will prevent the risk of cracking that can occur, particularly on heavier stocks.

Gloss Laminate
Gloss laminate is visually stunning.  It produces deeper, cleaner, crisper lines and colours, and gives vibrancy to photos and block colours. The glossy, reflective finish grabs attention and implies a richer product. Gloss laminate is durable as it repels dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Even when it does come into contact with a dirty surface, it is easily wiped clean, significantly extending the life of your folders.
Some considerations to make when choosing gloss lamination: scuffs, scratches, and indents can be more visible with gloss covers – by nature of the glossy reflective finish, any imperfections catch the light, becoming more noticeable.

Matt Laminate
Matt Laminate is often perceived as a more professional and elegant finish. The velvety texture of the finish makes for a pleasant tactile experience. The matt soft finish is less reflective than gloss, giving a more natural look to cover art.  A less shiny folder absorbs more small scratches and scuffs without looking tatty.
Some considerations to make when choosing matt lamination: The less reflective finish of matt lamination can lessen the intensity of cover colour, with a lower contrast on darker colours, resulting in a more muted palette and an overall softer look.  While scratches and scuffs are more readily absorbed by matte lamination, this finish can be more susceptible to stains and spills.

Soft Touch Laminate
Sometimes called a ‘soft-feel’ or ‘velvet’ finish, the use of soft-touch finishes is growing in popularity…particularly for book covers, presentation folders, and business cards where distinctive qualities are important. Unlike most design elements which appeal to the sense of sight, a soft touch finish stimulates the sense of touch, adding an unexpected interaction with the printed piece.
Many people describe soft-touch laminate as feeling like short-napped velvet, smooth suede, or soft chamois leather. Regardless of how you describe it, a soft-touch finish definitely gets noticed and almost always elicits an inquisitive response to its unique and unexpected feel.

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