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Bespoke Size Folders

K102 loose-pocket double flap folder 210mm x 238mm

K108 loose-pocket 6 page folder 210mm x 238mm

K114 loose-pocket curved folder 6 page 214mm x 219mm

K115 loose-pocket 6 page folder 70mm x 150mm

K202 loose-pocket 6mm capacity folder 140mm x 253mm

K203 loose-pocket 5mm capacity folder 240mm x 240mm

K303 interlocking pocket folder 99mm x 215mm

K305 interlocking pocket folder 255mm x 355mm

K503 glued pocket folder 210 x 210mm

K528 glued pocket folder 195mm x 195mm

K530a glued wallet folder 110mm x214mm

K530b glued wallet folder 99mm x215mm

K612 glued 4mm capacity folder, 6 page 214mm x 215mm

K616 glued 3mm capacity folder 159mm x 240mm

K624 glued 3mm capacity folder 145mm x 145mm

K625 glued sleeve 5mm capacity folder 165mm x 165mm

K626 glued 3mm capacity folder fastening 88mm x 135mm

K630 glued curved 5mm capacity folder 132mm x 170mm

K633 glued curved 5mm capacity folder 155mm x 155mm

K831 glued folder photo window mount 135mm x 190mm

About Bespoke Size Folders

Here you will find our range of folders designed to accommodate all of those non-standard paper sizes and product samples that make your marketing stand out from the rest. Our range includes CD packaging, ticket wallets and photo mounts.

Interlocking and loose-leaf products can be supplied flat for easy storage, ready to make up as you need them, or alternatively we can supply them pre-assembled and ready to use for your convenience. Glued products come pre-assembled.

All our folders are printed on quality 350 or 400gsm silk, gloss or uncoated board and available with matt, gloss or soft-touch lamination. You can even add business card slots, CD dots, fasteners and spot UV varnish to your design, making all of our folder products fully customisable.

Standard delivery is 5-7 days. Express delivery in 3-5 days is available. Faster delivery is available. Contact us before ordering if required.

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